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At Citadel, we offer unparalleled breadth and depth of
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Founded in 1979, BMC is the leading global supplier of high-quality thermoset engineered composites to a wide range of industries.

Through its expansion in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, BMCI has become the world leader in thermoset engineered composites manufacturing. BMCI maintains important long-standing relationships with key customers in the electrical, automotive, and appliance industries.


Founded in 1984, Matrixx is a leading supplier of thermoplastic compounds with a focus on providing excellent customer service and quality while maintaining highly efficient, low cost operations. Matrixx has earned an outstanding reputation in the plastics industry.

Representing a diverse group of industries, Matrixx customers include manufacturers of power tools, applications, electrical equipment, automotive parts, HVAC components and construction materials.


Founded in 1997, Lucent Polymers has become one of the leading suppliers of high quality, low cost recycled and value-added compounds to customers throughout the United States and world.

We focus a large amount of our human capital into the development and formulation of materials that meet unique physical properties. As a result, we help our customers to develop sustainable products for new applications and new markets better than the competition can.


Founded in 1964, Aclo Compounders operated as a local compounder serving the needs of regional molders. Aclo was sold to Mitsubishi in 1986. This move allowed the company to fulfill its potential and develop the capability to compete on a more international level.

In 1990, Idemitsu Chemicals (USA) joined forces with Mitsubishi as a shareholder in the company and paved the way for Aclo to break into underserved markets. Their involvement with Aclo has opened doors for further business outside of Canada and into new markets including automotive.


For almost 60 years, the name Fiberfil has been synonymous with thermoplastics compounding. Founded in 1952 by Rex Bradt, Fiberfil blazed a new trail and pioneered the plastics compounding industry. Fiberfil was the first company to incorporate glass fiber and other reinforcements into thermoplastics.

Fiberfil’s plant in Stoney Creek, Ontario has been in operation since 1970. Citadel acquired Fiberfil's assets in September 2009.


QTR’s QR Resins are a line of reprocessed, engineering-grade thermoplastics. QR Resins are manufactured using a combination of post-industrial regrind and unsold and widespec virgin material that would otherwise end up in a landfill, so you can be confident that your company is making an environmentally-friendly purchase. And when you see that the prices of QR Resins are lower than those of comparable virgin products, your company can be confident that you’re making a budget-friendly purchase as well.


Founded in 1986 Foundation Tetra-Dur is a leading supplier of high-quality thermoset engineered composites to a wide range of industries.  As part of the BMCI group Tetra-Dur focuses on the EU markets and maintains important long-standing relationships with key customers in the electrical, automotive, and appliance industries.


Founded in 1959, Premix is considered one of the founders of the thermoset composites industry.

Premix formulates and produces a variety of thermoset compounds, offers diverse molding capabilities, and delivers forward-thinking research and development initiatives throughout diverse markets, including electrical, transportation, safety and security, energy, HVAC, and more. A longstanding industry partner, Premix has established a reputation for its exceptional customer service and technical support.


Founded in 1983, Quantum Composites develops and manufactures high-performance fiberglass and carbon fiber composite compounds.

Notably, Quantum’s Engineered Structural Composites® (ESC®) include carbon or glass reinforcement in epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester, phenolic, BMI and polyimide resin matrices. ESC materials provide exceptional properties for
3-D compression molded structures, delivering creative solutions for myriad applications in the aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, safety, energy and industrial markets.


At Citadel, we have been supplying the appliance industry with innovative compounds since our inception.

We work closely with OEM’s and part suppliers to offer materials that meet the demanding requirements that are often associated with complex design as well as the rigorous compliance standards consumers have come to expect in their home. 

Citadel is a leading material compounder of polymer solutions to the automotive and transportation industries.

We are well known for our forward lighting systems, connectors, tubing, and interior and under the hood material innovations. Notably, our sustainable material is helping to meet the growing needs of transportation providers that are looking for green solutions. 

Through our partnerships, we have worked with world-class manufacturers to provide materials for products used in diverse applications from shutters to siding and concrete to carpets. Our ability to supply materials that are competitively engineered allows us to be a key player in the ongoing improvement of the products these industries use.

Citadel’s material portfolio is ideal for the diverse world of the consumer industry. Each consumer market segment has its own material challenges and with our wide range of thermoset and thermoplastic materials we are able to offer more materials than nearly any polymer supplier in the market today. As global leader in engineered composites, polypropylene and engineered thermoplastics compounding, we are a sure fit to make your consumer goods better.

Citadel is a global leader in flame retardant compounds and our industry knowledge has lead electronic OEM’s to our door for years.
We’ve optimized our reach with field technical support at processors, and have engaged regulatory specialists to offer one of the most expedient systems for custom electronics applications. Although we offer a leading portfolio of compliant materials we also appreciate the opportunity to customize materials that meet your high demands.

MicroPURE is a heat, stain and scratch resistant molding material that is available in all colors, granite and marble looks. Safe in microwave, conventional and convection ovens (up to 400° F), MicroPURE complies with all major international food contact regulations. MicroPURE is today's answer to health conscious food delivery and storage.

Citadel’s reach in the home and garden market is extensive. We are well known for our work in the process of replacing metal with alternative materials that meet the demanding requirements of lawn and garden equipment. We have the ability to meet the heat, solvent and mechanical properties associated with conventional materials while offering customized solutions that span brand colors and make economic sense. 

Citadel offers multiple polymer compounds that are used in healthcare applications. We provide solutions for hazardous material containment and metal replacement with both engineered composites and thermoplastics. Materials that offer diverse compounds are one of our specialties. We provide customer solutions to meet the rigors associated with the evolving healthcare industry.

Citadel has an extensive material portfolio and comprehensive ability to optimize polymer compounds that reach desired requirements. This makes us ideally placed to develop solutions for industrial applications that touch climate controls, energy, HVAC, fluid handling, petroleum, water filtration, sludge and even mining systems and components.

As some of the world's leading nations develop their oil and gas production, Citadel is here to offer innovative material solutions that replace conventional materials and systems historically used in this industry. Already a leading provider of engineered composites in the oil and gas industries, we offer a material that holds properties at temperatures over 160 degrees Celsius while resisting the harsh environment of drilling well beneath the earth’s surface.


Forward-thinking and ever-changing, our innovative technology differentiates the broad Citadel product offerings. Citadel is dedicated to exploring and refining technologies that will help streamline, strengthen and improve our customers’ products.


A category of plastic that melts when heated and then sets to a solid state when cooled.  Thermoplastics can be processed using a wide array of techniques, including injection molding, compression molding, blow molding, sheet and profile extrusion, etc.   A broad set of polymer types and modification technologies allow a wide range of mechanical and thermal properties.  Thermoplastics are remoldable, recyclable, and weldable.

Citadel Plastics Thermoplastics Technologies Provide:
>  Comprehensive menu of base polymers, including Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Polyesters, Styrenics, Polyethylene, and alloys
>  Broad portfolio of Underwriters Laboratories listings, including an extremely wide array of UL94-5VA rated materials and flame retardant polypropylenes
>  Extensive capabilities for customization of performance characteristics through modification technologies,.
>  Post industrial and  post consumer recycle options available in many product families.
>  Full Color Capabilties

Engineered Composites

A category of plastics that is dough-like in format and is cured to shape using single injection or compression methods in heated molds.  Thermoset composites are exceptionally rigid, heat resistant and can be recycled

Citadel Plastics Engineered Composites Technologies Deliver:

>  Excellent Physical Property/Cost Ratio
>  Global Automotive Specifications
>  Broad Underwriters Laboratories Recognition
>  Full Color Capabilities 
>  Food Contact/Microwave Safe Grades

management team

Expertise, strong leadership and visionary thinking.
Chief Executive Officer

With over 30 years of plastics industry experience, including 21 years at GE leading the High Performance and Polyester business units, Mr. Huff brings a deep operating background to Citadel. Most recently, Mike spent 4 years at Johns Manville leading Global Reinforcements and Operations for the Insulation Group.

corporate structure

Alongside management, HGGC of Palo Alto, California, and Boston-based
Charlesbank Capital Partners are the primary owners of Citadel Plastics.

HGGC (formerly Huntsman Gay Global Capital) is a Palo Alto, California-based
middle market private equity firm. HGGC invests in diverse businesses,
leveraging networks of relationships and providing hands-on operational
expertise to harness each company’s full growth potential. 

The firm is currently investing out of a $1.1B Fund and seeks to partner with strong 
management teams and founders to build companies capable of generating
sustainable growth.  With years of collective deal and operational experience,
HGGC brings best practices from private equity and global corporations to help middle
market businesses in a wide range of industries outperform the market.
For more information, visit for HGGC contact

Joy Hayame
External Relations Manager

Charlesbank Capital Partners,is a middle market private equity investment firm
managing more than $2 billion of capital. Charlesbank focuses on management led
buyouts and growth capital financings, typically investing $50 million to $150 million per transaction in companies with enterprise values of $100 million to $750 million.
The firm seeks to partner with strong management teams to build companies with sustainable competitive advantages and excellent prospects for growth.

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Maura Turner
Vice President of Communications
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At Citadel, we plan to align with companies that provide complementary products and services. By aligning your
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increasingly competitive global market.

If you’re a profitable company with a strong management team, proven track record, solid, ongoing customer
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